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D.Y.T.C OSET Cup 2023

2023 Shatterford Evening Series

Shatterford Evening Series Final Standings & report.

From myself, Caz, Kayleigh & Jack, thankyou all so much for coming.

These trials were somewhat sentimental to us. I did my first trial here, as did Kayleigh & Jack with Bewdley Mcc. Apologies we made the decision to run these a bit late in the year! With the dark threatening to ruin our fun.

Having only run youth trials before & asking people to book in, round 1 was a little daunting as we didnt know if anyone would show up, or if the sections were ok. We are really pleased in the end we had nearly 80 different riders show up. Round 2 was the best attended with 50 riders.

With the others at work/school I setup round 1 alone. This didn't feel too difficult as I had the whole wood to go at. As we got onto the other two, in trying not to repeat sections this became more difficult. I'm pleased in the end we were able to find 24 different sections over the 3 rounds.

We did well with observers. Massive thanks to everyone who grabbed a board. Leah Aucott & Kayleigh's school friend Beth were so helpful as was everyone else. It's much better with observers.

Round 2 was a tough one for us personally, but loads of fun. We went straight to Dover after the trial. Got on the ferry first thing in the morning and went away in the camper for two weeks! Getting back Tuesday afternoon, and setting up round 3 Wednesday morning.

Jack Harris took the win on the red route having attended all 3 rounds. Chris Tett was 2nd. We were very pleased to see the Tett family ride with us. Chris used to set these up for Bewdley. Kayleigh use to always look upto Libby too as the first girl we saw riding trials, and with amazing skill. James Paczynski was 3rd over all after also attending all 3 rounds. Ben Rolls was 4th, but put on an amazing couple of rides at rounds 2 & 3.

On the youth, Kayleigh Rich got the overall, having not won a round. Kayleigh had a tough time yesterday, blaming her front brake which has absolutely nothing wrong with it, by the way Zach Reynolds was 2nd, with a great win at round 3. Ethan Richardson and Charlie Morris won a round each and were 3rd & 4th respectively.

The yellow route was the biggest class with 34 adults & 9 youths. Winner after 3 rounds was Tubby Trial Team's Richard Jones. Give their page a follow by the way! 2nd was Steve Dean on his Beta Factory, with 3rd going to Mark Tagg. So many riders to mention in this class putting in great rides.

On the youth, Jack Rich was 1st. Jack had a great ride at round 3 and could have took the win out of the adults too if it wasn't for a slide off on section 1, lap 4. Jack can be a bit of a dark horse, not taking his trials too seriously but always having fun and smiling. 2nd was mr consistent Thomas Gladwyn on his OSET 24, with 3rd going to Harvey Reynolds onboard the OSET 20.

The adult white route was the smallest class. Winner after the 3 rounds was Elliot Davis. Simon Chamberlain was 2nd after attending round 1.

On the youth, overall winner was Dylan Austin on his OSET 20. Dylan had some great rides at round 3. Max Morris was 2nd, with Alfie Brodes in 3rd overall.

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