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TRRS ONE RR 80cc - New

TRRS ONE RR 80cc - New


MK Off Road are absolutely delighted, proud and excited to be able to offer for sale new TRRS bikes. 


Along with the electric models, we are privileged to now be able to offer the smallest of the petrol models to the trials world.


Beta 80's, fantastic machines, with a legacy now. We have had two now. While a solid machine, and the bike of choice for kids moving through the sizes, this new bike from TRS is a game changer. At a price that is very respectable for the spec you are getting. Tech forks alone would set you back another 1k or so. These, and more modern wheels are a really common mod on a Beta 80. Together costing not far under 2k for both. 


This latest offering of the 80cc bike now has the engine assembled in house at TRS. While the existing version of the bike has well proven itself now on club trials and the national circuit, in the boys and girls youth nationals. 

Very limited numbers of these. 


Please note, leaving a deposit signifies an intention to buy. We can't refund deposits if you change your mind. 


Also, highly recommend you contact us before doing this so we can be clear about arrival dates and other things.


Manufacturers text below this line. 


The new TRRS ONE 80cc has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the youngest riders between 8 and 16 years of age, looking for a light and manageable package, capable of tackling the most demanding areas.

With this new model, TRRS Motorcycles consolidates its range of motorbikes as the most extensive and complete in Trials.

Its new 80cc engine is specifically designed for Trials; a powerful, modern, and lightweight engine, with an exhaust optimised for the practice of this modality. Undoubtedly, it is the ideal model to make the leap from electric to combustion units.

Frame: A shorter aluminum frame has been designed for the 80cc model and adapted to the needs of younger riders.

Transmission: 60z chainring and 9z sprocket to reduce the speed and increase the torque of the set.

Skid Plate: Protection plate for the new 80cc engine. Rubber protection is designed to reduce shocks and

Front Suspension: The aluminum TECH front fork has special settings adapted to the new model.

Rear Shock Absorber: The R16v shock absorber receives a softer spring adapted to the weight of the youngest riders.

Electrical Installation: The electrical installation has been revised and adapted to the needs of the new model.

Exhaust: A specific exhaust pipe has been designed to improve engine response at all engine speeds. The muffler has also been adapted with a new fit due to the needs of the new model.

Cooling System: The cooling system (radiator, fan, and hoses) has also been redesigned to ensure optimum engine performance.

Carburettor: The 80cc model is equipped with the KEIHIN PWK 28mm carburettor with specific settings.

Clutch System: Clutch assembly (piston, spring, and body) designed to ensure optimum performance and progressivity.

Ignition System: Flywheel and stator have been incorporated to improve spark quality for better engine response. Inertia assembly with specific TRRS design

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