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Removable battery pack 24v 2.6ah

Removable battery pack 24v 2.6ah


Product Details

This is to fit our removable battery balance bikes. This size is fitted to our 12" model. It can be changed in around 20seconds. Charging port built into the battery. Buy extra batteries to ride for longer!

This size battery will fit and work in 12", 16" and 16" Plus balance bikes.

As standard we fit the following battery to each model:

12" - 24V 2.6ah

16" - 24V 5.2ah

16" PLus - 24V 5.2ah

If you fit this size battery to your 16" bike it will work, but will run for half the amount of time as a 5.2ah battery!

Please note: This will only fit your bike if you have purchased a bike with the Removable battery system. It can not be fitted to bikes with the built in battery!

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