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OSET MX-10 Tuning Kit Stage 1

OSET MX-10 Tuning Kit Stage 1




1. Fitting these parts will void the warranty on you're bike, if fitted inside the first 6 months.


2. Just like tuning on anything, the increase in perfomance will be offset by an increase in motor heat, and a shorter life span of some parts. 


3. On the plus side, these are OSET OEM parts, and used with care, and keeping an eye on motor temperature, are great mods. 


10 tooth front sprocket. Replaces the std 9 tooth. Alone will give an increase in speed of approx 1-2mph. 


24.0 130amp controller. Increases the torque dramatically and also give a small increase in top speed. 


The stage 1 kit will take you from the standard 21-22mph to approx 23-25mph. 


The 'OSET MX-10 Tuning Kit Stage 1' is exclusive to MK Off Road, and not offered officially from OSET bikes UK. 

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