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Motoverde Air Filter Cleaner incorporates a specially chosen blend of surfactants designed to instantly break down filter oil. This product does not contain any harsh components therefore it does not attack the foam or glue that holds the filter together. Leaving your foam filter intact and holding its original shape without any crumbling! Air Filter Cleaner is an easy, hassle-free way to clean your foam filter, whether you prefer to scrub or leave them to soak!  This biodegradable cleaner suitable to be used with hot or cold water with no strong odour so whether you’re at home or on the go this product is perfect for that essential filter clean. Product comes complete with trigger.


Move Forward. Choose Air Filter Cleaner


  • Remove air filter and shake off excess dirt and dust before applying Air Filter Cleaner.
  • Apply evenly, covering the filter and agitate by hand massaging the cleaner into the filter.
  • Rinse off using hot or cold water until foam disappears.
  • Repeat process if required.
  • Once the filter has been completely cleaned & degreased, hang out to dry.
  • Once dry, re-oil filter and re-use!


  • Product comes with trigger.
  • Motoverde Air Filter Cleaner is 100% methanol-free, meaning it does not attack the foam or glue that holds the filter together, making it the safest air filter cleaner on the market!
  • Will leave your filter intact and looking like new! Therefore, increasing the longevity of your filter.
  • As it is methanol-free there is no nasty smell!
  • Our filter cleaner can be used in either hot or cold water, making it perfect for trackside.
  • Fully biodegradable with recyclable packaging.
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