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48v PowaTech Lithium Battery & Charger For 20.0 Eco/Racing

48v PowaTech Lithium Battery & Charger For 20.0 Eco/Racing


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48 volt for OSET 20 Eco & Racing


PowaTech batteries have been offering their lithium batteries in the demanding golf market for years.  You can rely on their product and exceptional customer care.

Top Quality lithium upgrade kit suitable for – OSET 20R and all OSET 48v models 48V+ (58v peak) Lithium Ion battery pack including 5 amp smart charger.  17ah capacity.

A high-quality 5 amp fan cooled 294 watt Smart charger is included at no additional charge. The battery comes in a convenient padded carry bag that is left on in use and is supplied with a convenient "buckle up" securing strap.


All batteries have a “fuel gauge” showing percentage charge, current voltage and internal temperature.

PowaTech lithium battery packs are fully automatic and come ready to use. They have a built-in BMS (battery management system) which ensures the cells are balanced and offers the user safety features such as overcharge and discharge protection.

The battery and charger are fitted with genuine Anderson 50A red connectors for a secure, tried and tested electrical connection.  Each set comes with an additional Anderson 50A connector to allow a seamless conversion if you are currently using lead-acid batteries.
Lithium batteries are lighter than lead acid, will last longer, and offer around treble the run time.

Approximate Dimensions: 180 x 175 x 110mm
Approximate Weight: 4.9kg.

Lithium Ion compared to Lead Acid

Lighter and smaller offering improved performance and is easier to move around.

Faster recharge time.

Higher discharge capability down to over 95% rather than 60%

More Discharge Cycles (up to 5x more).

Battery capacity and voltage are instantly visible.

Replacement timeframe, Lithium Ion 3-5 years Lead Acid 1.5 - 2 years


Battery and charger are covered under warranty for 12 months.  In addition, should the battery fail in year 2, we will offer you 50% off the RRP of a new one.

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