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10TEN MX-E Electric Dirt Bike

10TEN MX-E Electric Dirt Bike


MK Off Road say....


"Falling somewhere in between the Revvi bikes and the OSET MX-10, the MX-E is a good quality bike for children who are looking to have fun riding. While the MX-10 is a more capable bike, with longer run time and better components, it's also £2500. The MX-E is serious enough to not be considered a 'toy' while also a good way to explore the grassroots of the sport without a huge investment."


The new 10TEN MX-E is the first fully electric model in the 10TEN lineup. The MXE is the perfect bike for beginners and experienced users to develop their riding skills without the noise and disturbance of a conventional petrol engine. The MXE features a removable lithium battery meaning you can take it inside to charge or even take a spare battery with you to the track.  


Motor: ZS SDM Permanent Magnet Brushless Motor

Rated Voltage VDC: 48V

Rated Power: 500W

Rated Speed (RPM): 3100RPM

Output Max Power: 1000W

Max Torque: 10N.m

Top Speed: 35km/h

Sprocket: F&R 13T/52T

Chain: 415 CHOHO

Battery: 48V 8.7Ah 360WH

Controller: FOC 25A Top Current Limited

Charger: 48V 2A

Charging Time: 4-6 hours

Display: LCD Battery Capacity Indicator

Frame: 30x20 Oval Flat Tube Welding, Steel 

Suspension: F&R 560mm/120mm Hydraulic Suspension 

Handlebar: 22.2mm alloy 600 Width

Seat: Vacuum Bubble Cushion, 595mm Height

Dimension L x W x H: 1210 x 600 x 805

Wheelbase: 810mm

Front/Rear Brakes: Disc Brake 160 mm / 160 mm

Front/Rear Rims: 1.40 x 10’ / 1.40 x 10’ Aluminum

Front/Rear Tires: 2.50 x 10’/2.50 x 10’

Net Weight: 32KGS

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