MX-10 or KTM


This page has not been created to take anything away from the KTM. Anyone who knows kids dirtbikes, knows that the KTM is the bench mark. 

Here at MK Off Road, we're passionate about all motorcycles, and own both petrol and electric bikes! 

The MX-10 is only criticised for one thing, the price. And while it may seem high, when you look at the spec involved you can justify it. We just want to highlight that the OSET MX-10 is an option when looking for a new bike, and that it has a lot of benefits once you take a good look at it. 

This page exists to highlight the cost savings going forward when purchasing an OSET. 

Please note! All prices are estimates. Fuel, oil, parts etc prices change often. Deals can be had, and different kids will ride more or less often and different paces. 

2021 KTM 50 SX Mini
2021 ktm mini.jpg
Fuel cost per ride


£0.7-10 pence

Around 7-10pence per charge for between 1hr 45 - 4 hours runtime (depending on how fast it's been ridden) 




1 tank of fuel (2.3 litres) will cost around £2.60, with around 58ml of 2 stroke oil around 80 pence. For a total runtime around of 1hr 30 mins to 2 hours

Maintenance per ride



Like any bike, the chain tension will need checking and adjusting accordingly, the brakes checked for safe operation, the throttle checked for smooth operation. Tyre pressures, check bolts, etc etc



£5 per plug if needed

Gear oil £2.50 every other ride

Air filter oil cleaning kit approx. £25 (will last a while)

Similar to the MX-10 in terms of checking moving parts

In addition, the air filter will need to be cleaned and oiled

Check gear oil level, change every 2 rides.

Check coolant level

Change spark plug if necessary

Forks will need to be checked for leaks (etc etc, general maintenance)

Fill with fuel


Cost per year
Based on one ride per week = 52 rides
approx 2 hours per ride = 104 hours riding


Electric £46.80

Consumables may need changing, such as chain/sprockets. Brake pads. Tyres. Wheel bearings. Handle bar grips. Although linear electric power is kind to tyres chains etc. 

Brake pads front & rear £22 

Chain & sprockets front & rear £65

Tyres (Michelin) front & rear £68

Grips £11

Wheel bearings (skf) front & rear £11

Total cost to run per year


Total cost in first year of ownership 



In addition to the parts listed to the left for the OSET (£177)

Petrol 119.6 litres £155.48

2 stroke oil 60 litres £36

Gear oil 6.5 litres £65

1 Top end rebuild (may need two )£70 each

Spark plugs x4 £20

Coolant £10 per litre £10

Two No Toil air filter kits £50

Air filters x2 £16

Total cost to run per year


(parts to the left, above + 1 top end)

Total cost in first year of ownership



A new OSET MX-10  is potentially £1475.68 cheaper to buy and run than a new KTM 50 Mini in it's first year.

Aswell as that, there are also the below benefits 

·         ​No pollution or fumes to breathe in

·         No noise to upset people

·         No kickstarting

·         No running to kickstart them should they need help

·         No leaking fuel or oil, especially if the bike is on it’s side

·         No need to dispose of old oil

·         No hot exhausts or parts

·         No carb to clean

·         No need to plug airbox/exhaust when washing



·         MORE time riding in areas where noise/fuel wouldn’t allow

·         MORE time to do other things than oiling filters, changing spark plugs, pistons etc etc

·         MORE time riding means kids learn faster

In the second year, the gap in expense will grow further. As the need to rebuild the crankshaft, replace reeds, throttle cables, clutch/fluid, cylinder replates etc etc. 



1.4w 48v neodymium magnet DC

4-7 mx/Adult mini bike


Hydraulic 160mm


Chrome Molybdenum

USD air fork adjustable rebound/preload

Preload adjustable & oil dampened

20ah 48v Lithium

940mm (37”)

Adjustable 515 - 550mm

Adjustable 170mm - 200mm



Age Range

Wheels Size






Fuel Capacity


Seat Height

Ground Clearance


KTM 50 SX Mini

49cc Liquid Cooled



Hydraulic 160mm

40kg (dry)

Chrome Molybdenum

WP Inverted

WP Shock

2.3 Litre