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ULTIMATE Performance




Introducing the OSET ULTIMATE range. Exclusive to MK Off Road!

For 2019, we have 3 stages of modification to choose from. (only stage 1 available on 12.5)

Stage 1 

Brand new OSET Racing size/model of your choice. Remove those heavy SLA batteries, and replace with a top of the range LI-PO battery pack from Boost Bikes. Saving upto 10kg (on a 20.0), giving up to 4 times the range and making the bike far easier to handle. It also charges up in 3-4 hours from flat, rather than up to 8 hours for the standard batteries!


Stage 2 

As above, but includes HOPE TECH 3 V4 brakes front and rear. (std hose. Braided + £10) (not inc MX-10)

Stage 3

As above but also includes APICO CNC alloy footpegs, and HOPE bar ends (Various colours available, bar ends not fitted but included in sale) 

The 20 Lite stage 3 also includes the Competition rear wheel (as fitted to 20r, wider trials tyre) & the original wheel.


A fantastic bike standard but an ULTIMATE upgrade is available if you wish to improve the performance. There are 2 Stages of 'tune' to this bike. Offering speeds close to 30mph (std 22) a huge improvement in torque, and an increased runtime.


The prices on the MX-10 upgrade include the standard parts also.


*You do need to keep an eye on motor temperature, the higher voltage battery does increase heat!

Stage 1


Is a controller swap for the 130amp fitted to the 24r. Offering improved torque.

Stage 2

As above, with the inclusion of a 25ah 58.8v Li-ion boost battery, and a 10t front sprocket.

The ULTIMATE upgrades are available on the OSET Racing range . These are to order only, and take upto 7 days from the day of ordering to complete. (we will endevour to do this as quick as possible)


Each bike will also come with a keyring, magazine & stickers.

PLEASE NOTE. Your ULTIMATE EDITION OSET will include the Boost Bikes charger and the OEM  charger. You must 'only' use the LIPO charger with the LIPO batteries. The sale does not include the standard SLA batteries.








OSET ULTIMATE Edition. Exclusive to MK Off Road

ULTIMATE Edition Price's




Stage 1

12.5 Racing ULTIMATE £1379

16.0 Racing ULTIMATE £2039

20.0 Lite ULTIMATE £2229

20.0 Racing ULTIMATE £2749

MX-10 £2649

Stage 2

16.0 Racing ULTIMATE £2339

20.0 Lite ULTIMATE £2529

20.0 Racing ULTIMATE £3049

MX-10 £3500

Stage 3

16.0 Racing ULTIMATE £2399

20.0 Lite ULTIMATE £2749

20.0 Racing ULTIMATE £3099

Seperate parts


Boost bikes Li-Po Pack plus post (inc' charger)


24v (12.5's) £315

36v (16.0/20.0 Lite) £415

48v (20.0) £515

58.8v Li-ion (mx-10/24) £800

Hope Tech 3 V4 

£350 (front & rear std hose)

Hope Bar Ends


Apico CNC pegs 


(Fitting not inc')

LI-PO Advantages Over SLA:



  • Higher Voltage in Lithium Ion over Lead Acid, 3.7v vs 2.0v (almost 2x)

  • Greater Energy Density per unit Weight (3x),Volume (6x)

  • Lighter / Smaller providing more portability, less storage space

  • Tolerates Higher Temperatures (60degC vs 27degC)

  • Faster recharge time, and more time between recharges (26 wks vs continuous or max 2 wks)

  • Higher Charge Efficiency (97% vs 75%).

  • More Discharge Cycles (3x)

  • Deeper Discharge Tolerance (95% vs 50%) – Can offset cost due to shallow Lead Acid discharge

  • State of Health and State of Charge can be readily and remotely monitored

  • Replacement timeframe, Li-Ion 3-5 years Lead Acid 1.5 - 2 years