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MK Off Road OSET Cup 2021

Round 3. Saturday 7th August 2021. 
Victory 40 Moto Park. CV33 9WF


Round 3 Results (click to enlarge)


Round 3 Video 

MK Off Road OSET Cup Round 3

First of all, a huge thankyou to Alan Halford. Leamington Victory Mcc secretary. Alan has worked extremely hard to help get these 3 rounds off the ground. He has also observed all 3, and always been there for advice, help & support.

Thankyou to the observers at round 3. Alan was on section 1. Barry & Daisy Craig S2. Julia Watson S3, Richard Gill S4. Kayleigh Rich on the speed test. Marion O’Brien S6, Chris O’Brien S7, and Caz Rich on S8. Without observers, the trial couldn’t go ahead so a massive thankyou to all of you.

One last thankyou to Jack Rich. 9 year old Jack (Clerk Andy’s son) has helped setup at round 2 & 3. Worked extremely hard, rode the trial on his own, helped other kids walk the sections and on top of that, done it for no result or award. Maybe a future champion and future clerk of the course!

We we’re lucky with the weather again at round 3! Rain was forecast, but never came. The entries we’re lower this time, mainly on the medium & hard routes. The beginner route had a decent entry with 8 riders, 7 of which we’re youth E. 4 year old Tommy Tidd was 1st once again, and cleaned the whole trial. Harry Brookes was 2nd, with just one dropped! 3rd was Braeden Bryson Podesta on 8. Followed by Youth D winner Alexandra Canning, Thomas Sturgess, Thomas Canning & Finley Caen all finished well. On the special ‘speed’ test, quickest was Harry Brookes, with an impressive 29.33!

The easy route had an entry of 10. Youth E winner was Freddie Green on 12, followed closely by Tommy Wakeford & Ronnie Wood. Youth D top 3 was close! Harry Craig just pipped Daisy Brookes this time for a reversal of round 2. Ryan Spink was 3rd. The top 3 separated by just 2 marks! Youth C winner was Kasia Pekala-Dayment. The special test on youth E was won by Ronnie Wood, with a 30.56. Vincent Cartwright was 1st youth D with a brilliant 25.70. While Kasia managed a 30.87.

The medium route consisted of 2 youth D riders, Jack Rich & Stefan Williams, and youth B rider Amelie Godfrey. Unfortunately Stefan had a mechanical DNF after a very strong start to the trial. Jack didn’t feel the need to walk the sections he helped setup! Resulting in a couple of silly 5’s, but smiling all the while. Amelie hasn’t rode her bike for a number of weeks and had a tough day out on a harder than usual blue route. Jack (although not in the points) dropped 31, with Amelie on 98.

The hard route had two super talented riders. The sections were setup a notch harder for this last round at Leamington’s field, with some large rocks and technical sections. Youth C’s Aaron Watson eventually took the win on 22, with youth D Mason Tidd on 38. Both riders tackling the sections with amazing skill and commitment.

The special test went on for quite a while with these two & Jack Rich! Jack set the early pace with a time just above 24 seconds, and held the lead for most of the trial. Mason had possibly a more sensible approach, completing the trial first and attempting the test at the end. He beat Jack on his second run with on 23 seconds. Meanwhile, Aaron Watson went in with a 22.7. Jack then had a series of runs and eventually was quickest again with a 21.59. Aaron & Mason didn’t give in! It looked like Aaron would get the win with a 20.03. This brought Jack back again, with another series of runs & managing a 20.01. Only for both to be beaten late on by Mason with an amazing 19.98! Great fun to watch and the boys had a good time! Something a little different for the kids at the end of a technical trial.

This concludes the first ever OSET cup series in the West Midlands at Leamington Victory. 109 electric entries over 3 rounds, many completing their first trial. Lots of youth E riders, and also it’s great to see lots of young lady riders coming through too. It’s been such hard work, but an absolute pleasure to see so many happy faces.

Photo credit's Victoria Tidd

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