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MK Off Road OSET Cup 2021

Round 2. Saturday 24th July 2021. 
Victory 40 Moto Park. CV33 9WF

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Round 2 Results (click to enlarge)


Round 2 Video 

MK Off Road OSET Cup Round 2

Saturday 24th July 2021

Victory Field, Warwickshire

First of all, huge thanks to Alan Halford, Leamington Victory secretary for all his hard work and observing too. Big thanks to all other observers. Mark Hastings, Kayleigh Rich, Barry & Daisy Craig. Richard Gill, Graham Archer, Zach Reynolds and Caz Rich. Thankyou to Leamington Victory mcc for allowing the use of their field.


After the rain and mud of round 1, the forecast looked similar for round 2. Heavy rain, thunder and lightning we’re forecast at one point in the week. However, the end of the heat wave was instead marked out with some much cooler and drier weather. 42 electric mounted riders booked in to make an amazing 86 riders over two rounds.


The beginner class had a field of 10 riders, 9 youth E and one youth D, Alexandra Canning. The white route was more forgiving this time with dry ground. There we’re still some testing turns and banks up and down to keep them on their toes! 4 year old Thomas Tidd was 1st, dropping only 6. Harry Brookes was not far behind on 11 to make a Team MK 1 & 2. Harper Oliver was 3rd, with 15 dropped. A special mention for Tommy who rode his socks off after the trial, not only practicing but collecting markers and helping pack up! Another mention for 4 year old Ruby Wareing, who completed her first ever trial. 


The ‘easy’ route was the biggest class with riders from Youth E, D and C. Some riders had moved up from the easy route to tackle the slightly more difficult sections. The yellow route was particularly tough at round one due to the slippery banks course clerk Andy marked out in drier weather, so it was good to see lots of smiling faces this time. MK Off Road rider Harlo Chapman was first youth E, followed by Tommy Wakeford and Freddie Green. Young Daisy Brookes, another from team MK was first youth D. Daisy has an incredibly patient riding style, with heaps of balance and composure. One to watch for the future for sure. 2nd youth D was Harry Craig on 16 with Ryan Spink in 3rd on 25. Top youth C was Max Surridge, dropping only 3, second was Kasia Pekala-Dayment, who dropped 15, followed by Taylor Jempson on 21.


Jack Rich was the lowest scoring rider on the medium route, dropping 5. However, Jack was excluded from the official results after helping setup on Friday and test a few sections. Big well done to Jack for his hard work. Another Jack - Jack Holmes was the official winner of the route on  youth D, dropping 6 points. He was followed by Stefan Williams on 25, and Beau Perry on 35. An amazing ride from Team MK rider Harvey Reynolds, at just 4 years old who took his OSET 16 round the blue route, dropping an impressive 43 points. A future star! Big thanks to team Reynolds who made a special trip to attend, and bring their older son Zach to observe on the day they we’re going on holiday!


The hard route was won by Sam Lefevre, who had a good workout and days ride, dropping 10 points. George Wareing wasn’t too far behind on 18 with some very impressive rides. 3rd youth D was Alfie Shaw, recently returning from a broken collar bone, dropping 63. Alfie should be very proud of himself for getting round in one piece and looked to be having a fun day out. Aaron Watson was first youth C, on 21 marks lost.


Despite the day starting with one less observer, the event ran smoothly and everyone looked to be having fun. Looking at the very pinnacle of trials with the likes of ex OSET riders Harry Turner, the Dance brothers and not forgetting Mr OSET himself Oliver Smith amongst other top riders, for which there are too many to mention. The next generation of top riders we had at this event could be even better! The bar keeps rising. What’s certain is without these electric motorcycles; kids from 4 to 7 couldn’t get into the sport and ride the sections they are riding now. They can practice in the garden and put their skills to the test at a fun, safe event full of likeminded children. Once the stepping stone of OSET’s is complete, they can carry these skills and confidence onto petrol machines. This will help the sport grow. With everyone working on the same team and pulling in the right direction, youth trials will only get bigger. And it’s in huge thanks to OSET bikes. So thankyou!

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