Kayleigh Rich

Rider Name - Kayleigh Rich

Age - 13

Location - Droitwich Spa

Club - Leamington Victory

Bike - OSET 24.0/2021 Beta Evo 125

How long have you been riding - Since I was 7

What's your biggest achievement to date - Winning round 1 of the girl's British championships last year but I just love riding and when you get a clean it's fun Oh and riding at the MotoGP at Silverstone!

2021 Goals - I'd like to win a championship but I want to have fun with my friends as well!

Favourite rider - Alicia Robinson/Adam Raga

Can we follow you on social media - Instagram Kayleigh_rich_trials

Any sponsors or people to thank -

Central Scanning. MK Off Road. Trials Day.  Trial Tube