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Droitwich Youth Trials Club


MK Off Road Open Trials Championship Rules 2024



  • A total of 4 rounds to be held in 2024.

  • A riders best 3 rounds to count.

  • One lowest scoring or non attending round can be dropped.

  • Anyone can ride the championship regardless of home or club location.

  • Anyone can ride the championship, weather AMCA members or not.

  • Everyone scores points

  • Youth will be scored separate to adult.



Hard – Red flags

Clubman – Blue flags

Non Expert – Yellow flags

Beginner – White flags


Eligible bikes

Trials motorcycles only.

All machines must have a magnetic cut out device fitted.

For youth;-

4-6 Electric Only

6 to 11 year olds Maximum 80cc

12 to 16 year olds Maximum 125cc*


By permission 10 years old and up can ride 125cc*

Changing machines once the trial has started will not permit you to score points.


Championship Points

Points will be scored as per the ACU scoring system.


1st – 20. 2nd 17. 3rd 15. 4th 13. 5th 11. 6th 10. 7th 9. 8th 8. 9th 7. 10th 6. 11th 5. 12th 4. 13th 3. 14th 2. 15th 1.


Riding gear

All adults must wear as a minimum helmet & ‘knee length’ boots. Children in addition must also wear gloves, long sleeves & covered legs. Body armour is encouraged, but not compulsory.



There will 10 sections with four laps. 

We will need observers to make this work!


If we can’t get observers, the event may start with a section closed. Please help if you can for the riders. 



0 Clean

1 Footing once

2 Footing twice

3 Footing more than twice

5 Failure When requested by a rider rather than attempt the section

5 Entering a section before being called upon to do so by an official

5 Not attempting a section when called upon to do so by an official

10 For missing a section or failing to have punch card 10 marked

10 For abuse of a club official or observer


We are using the ACU system for entering & leaving a section of front wheel spindle passing the start/finish.



A baulk is deemed to occur when a rider is prevented from making an attempt to ride a section due to outside obstruction. (rider/observer accidentally stepping in the way) Should a rider claim a baulk, the observer may, at their discretion, allow a re-run of the section.



We need a minimum of 25 entries before the event for it to run.
We ask for a £5 non refundable deposit to secure a place.

If the event is cancelled for any reason, the deposit is refundable/transferable.

To book in – please choose one of the following


  1. Via and following the 'Events' tab at the top of the page.

  2. Via email to

  3. via text message to 07969 160 103

  4. Via facebook message to Caz Rich


Entries are £15 for 2024 AMCA License holders.

Day licenses are £5.

£5 discount for kids. (£10 amca/£15 non) 


To book in and reserve your place costs £5 (non refundable) with the remainder (£10 or £15) payable on the day.


Payment can be made in full before the event or on the day via cash or bacs. You must sign on and fill out an entry form on the day.


Riders Meeting

A meeting will only be called if deemed absolutely necessary. Riders will be spoken to at signing on and all instructions will be given out before the event via facebook. When the trial is ready to start, a horn will be sounded and repeated several times.


Absolutely no riding in the parking area whatsoever. Bikes are to be pushed.


A designated warm up area will be marked off where possible. Please feel free to ride here before the trial starts. Please ride sensibly and be aware of other riders.


When there is not a designated warm up area, please do not practice in or through the sections.


Please ride the sections in the order they were set out.


The sections will be left out after the trial. Please feel free to practice only when everyone has finished.



Jetwashing is not permitted at the venues we are using.


Results & Awards

Results will be posted on the afternoon/evening of the trial.

All top 3 finishers will receive an engraved medal after the end of the championship.



Where possible, camping will be permitted. However this will need to be cleared with the landowners/clubs beforehand. Please ask before arriving to camp, but we really encourage camping at events! 


Any questions please contact us at

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