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D.Y.T.C OSET Cup 2023

Round 7. Sunday 22nd October 2023
Breakheart Quarry

DYTC Summer Youth Championships.

Round 3 2023

The Yennards, ESTC Club Ground - Leicestershire



Huge thank you to our sponsors Woodrobes, Central Scanning, OSET Bikes and of course on going support from Stu at Trials Day, and Danny at TrialTube.


Massive thanks to ESTC for allowing us to use their fantastic ground and letting us use their markers.


Also a big thank you to Paul Wareing from ESTC for his help in communicating with the club to set this up, lending us his drill and batteries and with some help setting up.


Thank you to our observers for giving up their time. Ray Pekala, Keith Podesta, Sarah & Bev Cumberland, Laura Herbert, Dawn Harper and finally Mark Lamplough.


Setting up began Saturday morning on the far side of the clubs ground. Debate over the length of the lap, locations of sections and when the bad weather was coming in did slow us down a bit. Luckily we had Kayleigh, Jack, George & Paul to test a few things for us to help make our minds up. Although we did stop for lunch and dinner, I finally finished putting tape out just before 10pm. A few tweaks Sunday morning and we were ready to go!


Starting with the red route, the results got a little complicated. Kayleigh Rich had an interesting day of either clean riding or simply throwing her bike at the floor! She finished the day on 25 dropped, however after the last round we decided not to award her any championship points. 1st place then would go to Sam Lefevre. However unfortunately for Sam his bike failed and he had to finish the last part of the trial on a different bike, which is against AMCA/ACU rules. Rather than DQ Sam after such a long journey up and brilliant ride, dropping 35 points, we thought it would be fair to award Samuel Millmore (dropping 42) the win, and give Samuel Lefevre 2nd place. Zach Reynolds was riding very well in the morning but suddenly felt unwell and got a bit too hot, and was unable to finish. Hopefully Zach felt a little better when he got home.


The 50/50 red/blue had two riders. First place was George Wareing after another trial riding round with our son Jack. George dropping 13 points, Jack 3 behind on 16. Both boys finished quite quickly and helped me observe on section 1. The red sections had been set a little harder for this one, so I struggled to fit in 4 red sections for the boys to ride. As a result they rode 6 blue and just two reds. Other than the odd dab, this is where the boys dropped their points. Jack is also excluded from the results so George takes a clear 20 points for his win here.


The blue route on petrol’s was won by George Turner after making another long trip up to ride with us. Josh Wood was 2nd after having some issues with his rear shock. On the OSET’s, Harvey Reynolds took the win from Oliver Bird. This bringing the championship quite close now, with Oliver just 3 points ahead of Harvey.


On the Yellow/Blue 50/50 on the petrol’s, James Dawson had a steady ride out dropping just 10 marks. Kasia Pekala – Dayment decided to drop down from the blues on her new Mecatecno Dragonfly. Earl Shilton is quite a tough place to ride in the dry, and Kasia is still getting to grips with her bigger bike. Her final score of 26 dropped not bad at all though.

On the OSET’s, Daisy Brookes won again but only by four points. Oliver Edmunds was on a mission to catch Daisy again, but Daisy was on home turf here and knows the ground very well. Sections 3 was a tough test on the blue route for both of them.


On the yellow route petrol’s, Jake Stokes had some company this time and it was Jude Slade on his new GasGas 125 that got the win. Jake managed a 2nd place and it was good to see Flynn Meredith and his Dad again after some time away, with Flynn coming 3rd. Overall it looks like the yellow route had a good test today with the average marks dropped just over 50.


On the OSET’s, Thomas Herbert is really flying now and has taken over command of the championship. Thomas, also on home ground dropping only 12 points in his OSET 20R. Tyler Stephens was 2nd place, and he was followed up by the ever improving Louis Wood.


And finally onto the white route OSET cup. Charlie Langley took the win on 10 dropped. Ruby Wareing was 2nd after much more confident looking rider. Ruby standing up most of the day. I want to mention 6 year old Ruby was very keen to grab the observer board off me at section one and score some riders waiting for her friends! 3rd place went to Lane Casey, and Arlo Phipps was just there in 4th. Only 2 points separated Ruby from Arlo on the day. Barnes Hales was the sole petrol rider on the white route and had great fun riding round with his parents helping him round the course.


3 rounds gone. 3 amazing venues in Seymour’s Arena, Mallory Park and Earl Shiltons ground. We travel to Howard’s Wood near Stourbridge next on July 9th, before heading for our clubs summer break. We then return on October 8th to Hobs Hole nr Walsall. A pretty fast paced start to our season with 4 rounds quite tightly packed in around all our busy schedules! We hope to see you at Howard’s Wood. Get in touch with Caz to book in.


Thank you all so much for coming!

Andy, Caz, Kayleigh & Jack x

Please contact us if you need any assistance

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