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D.Y.T.C OSET Cup 2023

Round 5. Sunday 10th September 2023
Birchwood Farm, Shatterford

DYTC Summer Youth Championships.

Round 5 2023

Birchwood Farm, Shatterford



Huge thank you to our sponsors Woodrobes, Central Scanning, OSET Bikes and of course on going support from Stu at Trials Day, and Danny at TrialTube.


Massive thanks to Jim Colley for allowing us to use his land.


Thank you to everyone working with us to observe. Yesterday had the feeling of teamwork to me with everyone pulling together to help the kids. 


With the cancellation of our Team Trial at Trials Day recently, we decided to squeeze in our cancelling meeting at Shatterford. With only 19 booked in, we were very close to cancelling, as we need min 20! We decided to run anyway and were blessed with some day entries to bring us to 25. This was our first round after the summer break, with round 5 back in July.


8 Sections awaited the riders with a couple of new bits in we haven’t used before on previous visits. Also, quite a few areas that were used for our recent evening series at the venue.


Just two riders on the Red route, our Kayleigh & Zach Reynolds. Kayleigh dropped just 3 marks round the course; however Kayleigh doesn’t score points, so it was Zach who takes the win and the 20 points for his championship charge, closing in on Samuel Millmore now with Zach just two points behind with two rounds left!


On the Red/blue 50/50, we had two riders on petrol and one on electric. Our Jack, nursing a small fracture in his big toe, had a sketchy ride round but had great fun riding with his friends. Jack had the lowest score but as above, doesn’t score points. Jake Talbot then takes the 20 points, having taken a big leap up from the yellow route at round 4. Harvey Reynolds also moved up from the blue route to tackle the 50/50! Harvey had some amazing rides, best on the route on some sections too. 


Just worth me mentioning that section 7 was supposed to be a ‘ride hard’. But a mix up first thing Sunday morning that was my fault meant a ride easy was placed there.


On the blue route we just had one rider, Oliver Bird. Oliver & his lovely parents are regulars with us and Oliver is riding amazing on his OSET 24 & fully deserves another championship win that’s coming his way this year.


Kasia Pekala-Dayment tackled the Blue/Yellow 50/50 route on her Mecatechno Dragonfly without much trouble, dropping just 12. Kasia had ridden 4 routes this year after a bike change, and will be looking for some consistency going forward.


On the same route in the electric class, the usual two of Daisy Brookes & Oliver Edmunds finished in that order. As I keep saying Oliver is never too far behind Daisy. I hope the 50/50 routes we introduced have really helped these kids progress, as both look to move to bigger bikes in the near future.


The yellow petrol had 6 keen riders tackling the sections. Winner was Tyler Stephens, who will be delighted after a series of 2nd places. In second was Braeden Podesta, with his best results with us to date. Braeden has had an eye op recently, with lots of time off the bike. But he breezed some of the sections here, dropping just 11. 3rd place was Krystian Pekala-Dayment. Krystian had a 3 on section 5 which cost him 2nd place, but had a great ride out anyway. Krystian has really progressed through the yellow route and it’s good to see him now pushing at the top. Thomas Herbert and Harper Oliver are strong championship contenders and finished in that order. Lane Casey unfortunately didn’t finish and we hope he was ok.

On the yellow petrol’s Barnes Hales took a great win, just ahead of regular yellow rider Jake Stokes. Jake’s Dad put in a great effort in getting there, having just finished a nightshift at the fire station. 3rd place and not too far behind was Amelie Godfrey. Amelie is still getting to grips with her Beta 125 after making the change from electric earlier this year.


White route petrol was won by a new rider with us, Michael Powell. Michael dropping 27 and in second was Lia Jones who has rode a few trials with us. Lia now mounted on a Beta 80 medium wheel and showing some good ability on the course.


Finally the white route OSET cup. It looks like Caz and I may have made some sections a little harder than intended, sorry! Charlie Langley took the win & dominates the class. 2nd place was Rosie Yendall, with her brother Lucas just behind her. Archie Mallin was 4th on his 12.5, and Jessica Herbert was only two points behind Archie in 5th.


Quite a few kids had a great couple of hours riding after the trial, trying harder sections & exploring the wood, socialising and enjoying the warm weather!


We have had nearly 80 kids ride with us over the 5 rounds! Although we had 25 here, it would be great to see a few more at Hobs Hole on October 8th. So please tell your friends J


Thank you all so much for coming!

Andy, Caz, Kayleigh & Jack x

Please contact us if you need any assistance

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