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D.Y.T.C OSET Cup 2023

Round 4. Sunday 9th July 2023
Howard's Wood

DYTC Summer Youth Championships.

Round 4 2023

Howard’s Wood, Stourbridge



Huge thank you to our sponsors Woodrobes, Central Scanning, OSET Bikes and of course on going support from Stu at Trials Day, and Danny at TrialTube.


Massive thanks to Simon at Howard’s Wood for allowing us to use his land.


Thank you to our observers for helping us all out. Bev & Sarah Cumberland, the Edmunds Family, Nick Godfrey, Mr Brittain (sorry I didn’t catch your first name!) and Keith Podesta.


Four rounds gone already! Round 1 at Seymour’s Arena isn’t usually too hard to set out. Although we had an accidental clash with the shooting club there. Round 2 at Mallory Park had the challenge of 6ft high overgrowth, and the unknown, with a longer lap the only option. Round 3 at Earl Shilton’s ground brings the challenge of needing to drill a hole for each of the hundreds of markers. With that, it was somewhat of a relief to begin setting up on Saturday afternoon at Howard’s Wood soft sandy woodland. The odd heavy shower cooling us down. After a few hours work we had time to sit back under the awning and watch the thunder and lightning overhead.


Sunday morning came; the sections were modified a few times each due to Andy’s paranoia about the difficulty, now that some areas were still very wet. 25 riders were in attendance, with Kayleigh & Jack making it 27. A lower entry for this one. However the two most competitive classes, the yellows & whites were well attended as always.


On the white route, Amelie Godfrey was the sole petrol rider. Amelie has not been on her new Beta 125 for a while due to exams. Amelie had a chilled ride round on the white route with friends. On the OSET’s, Charlie Langley took another win with 13 marks. Lane Casey was 2nd, and Molly Hassall was in 3rd place. These 3 now starting to pull away in the championship. Jessica Herbert was in 3rd place and managed lots of clean rides. Jessica was on a promise of some chocolate which explains the lower score! Archie Mallin was having fun blasting round on his OSET 12.5. Jakob Stokes had some good rides on the day, and hopefully managed to enjoy a ride round.


The yellow route on the petrol’s had an improved entry for this one with 6. New rider with us on his Gas Gas 125 was Jake Talbot. Jake had an easy day out with just 1 mark lost on section 6. Next up were the Brittain brothers who we were happy to see again. Charlie was 2nd; with Harry 3rd. Kasia Pekala-Dayment was 4th after dropping down from the blue route. Kasia had a painful crash on section 2, but she’s a tough cookie, dusted herself off and carried on. Barnes Hales was next up, after deciding to move up from the white route. Barnes had a good ride round in a competitive class.


On the OSET’s it was super close at the top! Harry Brookes had a great ride round with his sister and friends. Harry dropping 3. Tyler Stephens had another 2nd place, mr consistent only 1 mark back from Harry, and Thomas Herbert tied on 4 points. Tyler just edged it on most cleans. Braeden Podesta was just one point lower than Louis Wood. Both young lads on OSET 20’s and both were riding really well. Howard’s Wood isn’t the most grippy place for small electric wheels! Krystian Pekala – Dayment was 5 points back from Louis, with section 1 costing Krystian the most. Charlie Gallagher and his family made another trip up all the way from Portsmouth. Charlie is improving all the time and he was just in front of Seth Jenkin, again on most cleans.


The yellow/blue 50/50 had the two usual suspects. Daisy Brookes took the win again. Oliver Edmunds had the lower score on sections 6, 7 & 8. But section two was the decider with Daisy managing to lower her score on this section. These two might have company soon with riders moving up from the yellow route to join them.


The blue route had just two riders. One in the OSET cup class, one in the West Mids class. As a rider, you can’t control who turns up so both riders will be happy to take 20 points each in a competitive championship. Oliver Bird was the lower scoring rider on the route. Josh Wood had some great rides round, and would have been pleased to get the tricky climb and sharp turn on section 6 cleaned on the last lap. Well done boys!


On the blue/red 50/50, just our Jack was entered for this one. I decided to test Jack a little more on the hard routes, and he did remarkably well. Jack doesn’t always have the concentration and patience to try and lower his score and a silly crash on a fairly easy blue section on lap two added 5 points to his score. His bike also came back to me with a broken rear mudguard! Thanks Jack!


On the red’s, unfortunately just the two riders. Kayleigh dropped 24 marks, and Samuel Millmore kept her honest, only 4 points back on 28. However Sam takes the 20 points after we removed our two kids from point scoring after round 2. This will really help Sam out with the championship as that’s now two wins from two. Section 5 was the tough one here. Kayleigh built this section on Saturday and tested it a couple of times. However it was bone dry then! I eased it off Sunday morning, but it still proved to be a fun challenge. Kayleigh got out of it on a 3 on her last lap, with 5’s all round otherwise.


We now take a break from our championship for a few months. It’s been a fast paced start to the year. The dates almost chose themselves. But what a championship it has been. 79 entries over the 4 rounds!


Our next youth round is October the 8th at Hobs Hole.


We have an adult/youth evening series starting on Thursday July 20th, August 10th & August 24th. Kicking off at 18:30hrs. 8 sections await the riders with 4 laps in total. £15 for adults and £10 for kids. No need to book in, just turn up!


We also have an adult/youth team trial at Trials Day in Leek on September 17th. Camping will be available but I still need to finalise the structure of this fun event. A totally new concept for us, and we plan on using all the great features of this historic and technical farmland.


Thank you all so much for coming!

Andy, Caz, Kayleigh & Jack x

Please contact us if you need any assistance

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