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D.Y.T.C OSET Cup 2023

Round 2. Sunday 4th June 2023
Mallory Park

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Round 2 Results (click to enlarge)

Round 2 Video 

Images by 'The Insurer'

DYTC Summer Youth Championships.

Round 2 2023

Mallory Park Circuit



Huge thank you to our sponsors Woodrobes, Central Scanning, OSET Bikes and of course on going support from Stu at Trials Day, and Danny at TrialTube.


Also a big thank you to Bob at Real Motorsport, and others from Mallory Park that helped us out. Including ‘The Insurers’ for some amazing pictures.


Thankyou to our observers, Barry Craig, Bev Cumberland, Claire Pimley and Ali Waring. (we need some more next time if possible please J I tried doing two myself and my head nearly burst!)


The weekend started several months back. A visit to Mallory on a very cold Wednesday in March for a walk around and to scope out sections. The woods were very wet, certainly too wet to use at that time. After much searching a date was found on the 4th June to coincide with the fast bikes on track, racing with the EMRA club, and hopefully some drier weather.


Multiple emails later, we eventually arrived on the evening of Friday 2nd. We had a walk around the wood, or tried! What greeted us was literally a wall of vegetation. The initial thought was we must cancel it. There was no way we could run a trial here. Setting up for a family of four is a challenge in itself. But this place needed serious work. I had an idea to message my friend Paul Wareing; based a few miles away, on the off chance he might lend me a strimmer. I told Paul we may have to cancel it. What Paul then did is literally save the event. I was rude enough to bother him at a Family bbq, but Paul set about speaking to others at the Earl Shilton club. “See you at 8am!” was the reply!


Saturday morning, 8am sharp, Paul and Mark Dixon arrived with an Arsenal of gardening equipment. Kayleigh got the tea on, and Jack got the Beta 80 grass flattener fired up! Mark & Paul blitzed the place, while Caz and I stood by feeling guilty. A couple of hours work and they bid us farewell. Then we could start setting up!


By 9pm, we were done! 8 sections awaited the riders. 5 within the woods, which was about the limit, one on the hill side a few hundred metres away, and two on the old motocross track, which once held an MXGP world round!


The white route had a really big entry for this one. Yet again, more new riders came to ride with us. ESTC and us had an accidental clash. But showing their true class again, cancelled their conducted route and recommended the kids come to us. As a result this class has 12 riders, 11 on electric and young Barnes Hales on his Beta 80 M/W. Caz set up most of the route, and then I (Andy) came along and made it worse by fixing it! Some of the turns in the woods were ok for a few, but too tight for the majority. With that, the score were a little high. Barnes on the petrol bike got the lowest score, on 21. On the OSET cup side of things, Charlie Langley was on 24, with the top 3 rounded off with Arlo Phipps and Lane Casey. Molly Hassall was next up, after a long journey from Bristol. William West had some great rides, and we really hope William managed to enjoy his day out at Mallory. Ruby Wareing was only one point back, and another young lady was next, Rosie Yendall. Rosie was bike sharing, and she had a couple of crashes on section 7 but had some real courage to carry on. Boden Smith, Lucas Yendall, Hayden Johnson and Jessica Herbert all did very well to finish the trial, and hopefully enjoyed the sun and the racing afterwards!


The yellow route is always a big class; we had 11 this time with 10 of them on OSET’s. Thomas Herbert finally got his win, after plugging away near the top for so long. Tyler Stephens was just 4 points behind, and Krystian Pekala – Dayment had possibly his best result with us in 3rd place. Harper Oliver had another 4th, her consistency giving her some good championship points. Louis Wood seems to be riding better each time we see him, but certainly has a good crash in the locker! Louis will be pushing further up the field very soon. Braeden Podesta, like Lewis will soon be climbing the class. We love watching Braeden and his Dad Martin enjoying their day out with us. Braeden rarely gets flustered, enjoys his riding and just never gives up. Harry Brookes and his cheeky little grin was next, just a few in front of ESTC rider Chloe Johnson. Chloe has a very smooth style, not too different to Daisy Brookes. Both girls one’s to watch in the future. It was great to see Seth Jenkin and his Dad again after some time, and Charlie Gallagher did great to finish too. Charlie is very new to the sport and looked to be having fun testing himself on his OSET 24.0! Jake Stokes was the sole petrol rider, and has had several months off. Jake had a steady start to the day, but was cleaning sections for fun towards the middle – end of the trial.


The yellow/blue 50/50 had the two usual suspects in the OSET cup. Daisy edged in front of Oliver Edmunds again, but Oliver is coming! Both had some great rides and it was only really section 7 where Oliver lost out. Both having a very similar and fantastic ride otherwise. James Dawson was back on his Beta 125! James had the lowest score on the route and also picks up 20 championship points in the West Mids’ Youth championship class.


Blue route next, on the petrol’s we had 3 rides and it was George Turner in 1st place, with just 14 marks. George is slowly gaining confidence on this Beta 80 and is starting to ride like he did on his OSET. Josh Wood only returned to riding around a week ago after a nasty crash. Some of this route took the kids on the red route, and Josh handled everything brilliantly. A little rusty here and there, but to be expected. Josh will be back up to speed in no time. Kasia Pekala – Dayment is actually on an electric bike – the Mecatechno Dragonfly. Kasia rides very smooth, and with help from Grandad Ray, had some good rides. Kasia is getting to grips with the bigger wheels and longer machine, and I’m sure with some practice will soon lower her score.


On the OSET’s, Oliver Bird and Harvey Reynolds finished level on points with 25 marks. Oliver just edged it with most cleans. But Harvey is coming! Both boys are very skilled and 25 is a great score on some tricky sections.


Blue/Red 50/50 had two characters riding in Geroge Wareing & Jack Rich. The two boys really egging each other on, and winding each other up J all in the good name of friendship. George came out on top again with Jack a few marks back. Both boys making a few mistakes along the way, but are thick as thieves at trials these days. It’s really nice to see, and it’s what the sport is all about.


The red route saw Kayleigh Rich and Zach tie on just 5 marks lost. Zach edged it on most cleans with one more! Zach was riding his new TRS 125 for the first time in a trial and looked really at home. Hayden Pimley was 3rd place, enjoying his day out with friends. Samuel Millmore was 4th, a handful of points back from Hayden. I was observing section 8 when Sam, after 3 5’s, managed to clean it on his last lap. It was one of the highlights of the day for me to see how elated Sam was. Howard Mumford came back for more after first riding with us at round 1, and he was just one point off Sam. Joseph Baker had a great ride, and in my opinion was the best rider I saw through the first half of section 8. Harvey Sanders, another rider from Cornwall like Samuel Millmore and George Turner, was next up. Harvey had his work cut out on his Beta 80, but certainly showed lots of skill of flair to get round and finish the trial.


The trial finished around 2pm. The boys played football. The girls and a few boys practiced in the woods. A group of kids went off to the pits for a walk around, and the parents sat back and watched the on track action. The ice cream van came round, and was kind enough to relieve me of the remaining coppers in my wallet! And everyone went home safe.


We are up the road at Earl Shiltons ground on Sunday 18th June! Hope to see you there.


Thank you all so much for coming!

Andy, Caz, Kayleigh & Jack x

Please contact us if you need any assistance

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