Revvi Twelve

Revvi Kids Electric Bike


One thing we have seen a lot of at MK Off Road, is parents bringing kids in for an OSET 12.5 Eco or Racing. Only to find once they sit on a bike, they are still to young. With the Revvi 12, a solution exists where you can get them on two wheels, learning to balance, use a throttle and brake, for a price that won't break the bank.


The Revvi 12" is a super light electric-powered motor bike that has been specifically designed for kids, Weighing in at only 9kg's!


Start them young using the bike as a conventional balance bike with its specially designed free wheel system. Then watch them improve and progress onto the slow speed setting (5mph) balancing on there own using the foot pegs. Perfecting throttle control at the same time using the bikes twist throttle. Once they are confident using the slow speed setting they can then progress to the fast speed setting (10mph). Features hybrid tyres suitable for on and off road use & a chain-driven motor that delivers reliable performance.  



Age guideline:

  • 2-6 years old,

  • 2 year old riders should ride without power

  • 3-4 year old rider should ride without power or using slow speed setting

  • 5-6 year old riders can use the fast speed setting. 

Please note the riders age is always at the parent or guardian's discretion!

Key Features

Large rubber air filled hybrid tyres suitable for on and off road use 

Two speed settings: Slow speed -  5mph. Fast speed -  10mph    


Please note speeds stated may vary depending on riding conditions and rider weight 

Battery range of up to 1 hour of constant use

Please note battery range will vary depending on the speed setting, rider weight and riding conditions


Charge time: 2 hours


Twist and go throttle with battery level display


Chain driven


Specially designed brake lever for kids with rear drum brake


Light weight aluminium frame


Aluminium handlebars


Aluminium foot pegs with plastic cover for grip


Revvi graphics!


External charge port for easy charging without battery removal


Lightweight composite 12" wheels

Specially designed rear wheel with free wheels system, this allows the bike to be used as a conventional balance bike with out the power




Available in 5 colours:






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